Friendship Bracelets

friendshipbracelet“A slender braided bracelet, crafted from white hair and the ends tied off with red thread, laid coiled in a circle on her palm. ‘A lock from El Cid’s mane. An old tradition from my people. I thought it might bring you some comfort.’ —Del Toro Moon, pg. 212.

A friendship bracelet is a simple, ornamental bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. They are also fun and easy to make! You can make several different colored bracelets and wear them all at once, or they make perfect gifts for sharing with friends. All you will need is:

  • embroidery floss/thin yarn
  • scissors
  • safety pins or tape

Inexpensive embroidery floss can be found at any craft or sewing store, or even at Walmart or Amazon.

Step 1: Choose Colors and Number of Strings

Choose 1-3 colors of thread. Depending on how you want your pattern to look, you can use one color, switch off between colors, or every strand can be a different color. Choose what you like best!

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure three strands of string about 12-15 inches, depending on your wrist size. Cut with scissors.

Step 3: Start Your Bracelet

Hold your strings together and tie a knot in one end. Attach the knotted end to a table with a piece of tape or pin it to your pant leg or a pillow. Once it’s secure, you can either:

  • braid the three strands together
  • tie two pieces of string together to make a knot. Repeat, alternating strands, to make many small knots stacking on top of each other.

Step 5: Keep Going

Finish braiding, alternating the three strands over the top of each other to continue the braid pattern, or alternate tying knots on each side until your bracelet is finished.

Step 6: Watch How it’s Working

Watch the pattern emerge. If you’re happy with how it’s working, keep going. If you make a mistake, it will be easy to spot the part that doesn’t look right. Use a needle, pin, or seam ripper to pick out any knots that are messed up.

Step 7: How to Finish the Bracelet

Once you’ve got enough knotting or braiding to fit around your wrist, make another knot at the end of the pattern. Make sure to leave enough room that it will easily slide from your hand without having to cut it off, but also tight enough to stay in place without falling off.

Now you can add charms or other finishing touches to make it uniquely yours!

From there, you can tie both ends together and cut off the extra string.

Step 8: Keep it Flat

If your bracelet is curling up more than you like, you can pin it to a flat surface, pulled tightly until it’s straight. Then spray it with water until it’s wet and lays flat. Let it dry that way, and then wear it.

Step 9: Share or Wear

Now that you have a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s uniquely yours, you can wear your bling with pride or give it to a friend who means the world to you. Or do both! Whatever you decide, we hope you’ll love your fashionable piece!

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