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calvin“A wildly original, pulse pounding tale of a boy carrying on his family’s legacy of protecting their rural community from bloodthirsty, supernatural skinners. Medieval Spanish myth meets the Hispanic culture of rugged southern Colorado to create a captivating story of modern-day knights.” Laura Resau, author of The Lightning Queen

“This fresh and fun exploration of tough familial relationships, modern knights, and talking horses is sure to appeal to fans of The Ranger’s Apprentice and equine enthusiasts.” Todd Mitchell, award-winning author of The Last Panther

“Builds to a genuinely rousing climax–straight into my Top Ten.” Nick Garlick, author of Storm Horse

“This book has everything middle grade readers (and adults like me) could possibly want—scary monsters, talking horses, dry wit, brave caballeros, and a 12-year-old hero with heart…” Western Writers of America magazine

Speculative Chic:

“A New Favorite: This was such a fun ride. It’s one of those few books that I finish and immediately want to start again because I want to spend more time in the world. I want to be a caballero now too and could I be adopted into Matt’s family please? That would be great.”

Rolo Polo Book Blog:

Del Toro Moon is an incredible book and really should not be overlooked by readers from any age level. This is contemporary fiction at its finest: a book crafted and not simply written, researched and not just imagined, a world with TALKING HORSES you don’t want to miss.”

The Story of a Writer:

“What do you do when you read a book that you don’t want to end, but it does, of course? I’ll tell you what I just did. I was enjoying the story so much, I was not ready to let go of it. So, I did the logical thing and read it again. I’m happy, happy I did because I grew even closer to the characters and their lives and the way each of them faced a situation in his or her own way. What am I talking about? Multi-award-winning author Darby Karchut’s latest novel, DEL TORO MOON, a story that took me on an adventure I shall always remember.”

Log Cabin Library:

“Aside from the family relationships and action, I really liked the Del Toro’s Andalusian war horses.  Now, these horses are special because not only can they assist the family in their battle against the skinners, they can also talk.  Which at first thought sounds kind of silly, but these horses really have a personality that stands out… Together making a wonderful story.”

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