Hidden Treasure:

Matt is able to go into a dark cave and find a box that was hidden centuries earlier. What about this scene stood out to you? Could you create your own hidden treasure for your friends and family to find? For extra fun, click to download the Del Toro Moon map and use it to chart your own treasure hunt!Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.20.29 AM

friendshipbraceletFriendship Bracelets:

What did it mean to Matt when he received a friendship bracelet? What did it symbolize?

A friendship bracelet is a simple, ornamental bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. They are also fun and easy to make! Click here for detailed instructions.

Pillow Fort:

Create a comfortable place to read alone or with a parent or sibling. With a parent’s permission, use blankets and pillows to design your cave—plenty to keep it fortified against those pesky skinners!


What do you think a skinner would look like? Can you act it out or draw a picture?

Create Your Own Warhorse:

If you had a warhorse, would it be like the wise El Cid? Mean like Turk? Sassy like Izzie? Or something completely different? Tell someone about your partner, the talking horse, and draw or color a picture of what it would look like.